Play Unblocked Games on Windows Laptop without interruption

Electric Man Games are the most played games in the unblocked games world. Many people are going crazy about the Electric man 2 Unblocked game and people love to play it every day. The Tournament of Voltagen Defend yourself against your enemies doing all kinds of incredible moves. Participate in this Voltagen tournament and win the current champion. Low Profile Graphics Cards are small form factor graphics cards that are best for gamers. Find here CastleStorm Best Low Profile Graphics Card Suggestions for you. Then enjoy with playing of your favourite electric man games.

About Electric Man Games:

Create your own Stickman stick character and eliminate the enemies with your martial skills. Use normal blows or the most powerful. To use the strongest hits you will have to wait for them to charge and they will work in slow motion. Choose each level and eliminate the stick enemies so that you become the master of the fights. Each and Every level will be of different way and you need to kill the enemies with your fighting skills. Many enemy electric men also has the same power as we have. We need to be more careful and show more skills to kill the enemies.

How to play Electric Man 2 Game:

You will face three types of game levels. They are as follows

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Insane (Hard)

These are the three levels which need to play to win the complete voltagen tournament. Each level has some set of rounds which we need to play. After killing the enemies only we will be moved to the next levels. As Every game as some set of Game controls Electric man games also has some game controls which we will be discussed in the below. We need to use the game controls and start playing with enemies by using these game controls. Use the Slow Motion power punches for killing or damaging the enemies faster. In this way we can kill them easily. Just go through the Game controls once before playing the game.

Electric Man Game Controls:

We will now see what were the game controls of Electric Man 2 game.

  • Move LEFT Using Left Arrow Key
  • Move RIGHT Using Right Arrow Key
  • A key to High Punch
  • S Key to High Kick
  • D Key to Grab the Enemy
  • Q key for Slow Motion Punch
  • W Key for Slow Motion Kick
  • E Key for Slow Motion Grabbing Enemies.

These are the Main game controls which electric man 2 game has. Every Electric Man has the same controls but better graphics in every updated versions. Slow motion punches and kicks will kill the enemies easily. They damage the enemies strength Easily. Now Why are you waiting for?? Start the game Electric Man 2 unblocked and win the match.